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    Grace & Matt Wedding

    Grace & Matt

    I make and deliver so many wedding cakes, however, I rarely see the bride and groom enjoying their happy day. Not so on 16th June 2018. It was the wedding of my daughter Grace to Matt.

    I love this picture of Grace and I before the ceremony began, lol, ignore the photographer in the background!

    Of course I was commissioned to make the cake (would have been very miffed if I hadn't been!!!)

    What design? That was easy: Earlier in 2018 Grace and Matt had went on a World Tour, so the design evolved…

    • Map of the world on bottom tier
    • A little aeroplane on second tier
    • Ruffles on third tier to represent waves
    • Topped off by a few suitcases
    • One of their favourite places was Lizard Island, so a little lizard was added to the bottom of the cake

    As the wedding was in Devon and the cake was going via boat I felt a real cake was out of the question, It would have to be fake!

    The groom was not aware of this but Grace was. Hence the roar of laughter as Matt tried to cut the cake.

    We had a fabulous day!

    Jenny & Grace
    Grace & Matt
    Grace & Matt


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