Jul 222011

Our latest creation showcases a really entertaining
cake for a lovely couple who tied the knot last week.
The cake was in four tiers, each individually designed
by the couple to capture a part of their personalities.

The bottom tier was the groom’s choice; a football scene
between him (playing for Manchester United) and his Best Man
(playing for Liverpool). This time Liverpool conceded the goal
– a great way to spark a friendly rivalry between friends
supporting different sides!

The third tier was the bride’s choice; enjoying a drink with
a friend after a mountainous shopping trip.

The second and top tiers show the bride and groom together 
– on a beach in Donegal where the groom proposed (complete with
their dog), and then finally, on their wedding day.

This cake is perfect for couples who want to add something
light-hearted and amusing to their day. When the groom
returned the stand to The Workshop, he said their day was
truly fun, with the cake being real talking point among guests.









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