May 062012

Do you find Gluten Free cakes, dry , bland and boring?
If your answer is “Yes” please keep reading. With so many people being diagnosed with food allergies, I think they tend to be left behind when it comes to the sweeter elements in their diets. We had used several recipes using Glutafin and Juvela flour but to be honest none of them were very inspiring. Then I watched a programme called Willie’s Wonkey Chocolate Factory way back in 2008!!!  He made a chocolate cake using ground almonds instead of flour this got me thinking. Could we use it to bake cakes for people suffering from Coeliac Disease?
We did and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I give all the credit to Willie Harcourt-Cooze,  Try it for yourself.
It’s OUT OF THIS WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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